A 2022 Recap

Breaking records & setting new goals. As we say goodbye to 2022, we are ready to take on 2023.

As we set our sights on goals for 2023, we take a moment to look back on all that we accomplished in 2022. This year brought us new records, new clients, and new expansion opportunities. We are proud to have kept our teams fully intact throughout the year. Not losing a single team member (yet again) while also gaining three new ones! Our recruiters have an average of 12 years of experience in the staffing industry.

At AP Professionals, we held our title as one of the top five Best Places to Work in Phoenix (awarded by the Phoenix Business Journal) this year. We also were able to bring back our Phoenix & Pacific Northwest consultant/client parties which we hope many of you got to enjoy!

In 2022 we are proud to have made over 400 total placements in the IT & Healthcare industries within our team of 12 recruiters. More than half of these positions were remote while a quarter were hybrid and the final quarter onsite. While continuing to work with top Fortune 500 companies, we accepted awards such as The Most Valuable Partner for one of the world’s largest apparel and footwear companies headquartered in Oregon. Though our clients’ needs change each year, 2022 marked a high demand in the areas of Cyber Security, Scrum Masters, Senior Business Analysts, Speech Language Pathologists/Therapists and Program/Project/Product Managers.

With 2023 just beginning we already have so much in our pipeline! We plan to bring you new job opportunities in new locations. While continuing to create personalized relationships with each of our consultants. This year we will work to refine some of our internal processes while also expanding the ones that have been working well for us. As we keep giving our best each day, we look forward to growing with you in the new year!

Happy New Year!

Pacific Northwest Client & Consultant Appreciation Trip

Easy Networking, Cool Vibes & Great Food are all phrases we heard to describe the Client & Consultant Appreciation Event that we hosted in Portland, OR earlier this month.

Our Pacific Northwest team gathered last week in Portland, OR to celebrate our hard-working consultants & clients who are located in that division. Similar to the party held here in Phoenix, Arizona back in April (for all those located in that area), we were able to host an event at the beautiful Amaterra Winery in Portland. 

The event felt like a whirl wind that went by in the blink of an eye! From planning, to RSVPs, to the event itself, we couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback we have received from all those in attendance. At the event we had live music, delicious wines, a great variety of foods and a raffle where we gave away the below items pictured.  With over 110 guests in attendance, it was amazing to finally meet so many of you in person and connect with many of you again!

While the team was out in Oregon for the event, they were able to visit our Portland team’s home base, tour the headquarters of a handful of our clients and get boots-on-the ground of some of our clients west-coast locations. The team was also able to collaborate with our East Coast Partner Mark Pautler on new initiatives for the new year. We want to thank all of our amazing consultants & clients who truly make these events as enjoyable as they are to attend. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

Top 5 Best Places to Work – 2022

AP Professionals – Named One of the Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal

We have (yet again) been recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal in the Top 5 best places to work in Phoenix in 2022! This year AP Professionals was up against some tough competition, but AP was ranked in the Top 5. AP Professionals landed in 4th place in the Micro Category! We have won this award for a total of 7 years in the past, 6 in a row. This recognition is an honor that we have been able to hold via the support of our amazing employees!

In mid-August, after collecting nominees, The Phoenix Business Journal sends out a qualitative survey to each employee asking them to anonymously evaluate their company on the below criteria:

  • Team effectiveness
  • Retention risk
  • Alignment with goals
  • Trust with co-workers
    • Individual contribution
    • Manager effectiveness
    • Trust in senior leaders
    • Feeling valued
    • Work engagement
    • People practices

    After a month of collecting data, each company’s responses are reviewed, and a list of the best-of-the-best is created! Winners were awarded at an event held by the Phoenix Business Journal on Thursday last week. We will also be recognized in an article published shortly after the event.    

    AP Professionals is honored to have received this recognition time & time again. We want to thank our employees for all they do each & every day. Always representing AP Professionals at the highest standard!

    Check out the below article from the Phoenix Business Journal regarding this year’s honorees:

    40K Giveaway on Linkedin

    AP Professionals is doing a 40k Giveaway on LinkedIn & you could win!

    Currently, AP Professionals of Phoenix holds just about 38,450 LinkedIn followers! Our goal is to reach 40k by the end of the year. When we reach 40,000 followers, we will select one winner to receive a $50 Visa gift card for the holidays and a free Resume Workshop with one of our expert recruiters. In addition to these prizes, the winner will also receive the pictured AP Professionals items.

    With inflation on fire, AP wants to try and help you through the holidays even if it’s just by something small, we think that Visa gift card could buy that last final item on your loved ones Christmas list!

    AP is also offering the winner an opportunity to put their best foot forward when looking for their next career move! One of our expert recruiters will be meeting with the winner to refine their resume & give free advice on ways to best improve their resume.

    Finally, who doesn’t like some free items? AP will be giving away a handful of practical items! Portable charging items station, camping lantern, work notebook, Cross pens, screen cleaner, coffee mug & baseball cap.

    Entering in our 40k Giveaway is easy – Just head over to our LinkedIn page linked here and follow the steps below:

    1) Share & Like our Giveaway post (tag us so we are notified)
    2) Tag a co-worker/friend on the post & comment the city and state you are following us from!

    That’s it! 

    Winner will be chosen at random after 40,000 followers is reached.

    On behalf of AP Professionals – – Good Luck!  

    Electronics Recycling A flyer with the background of electronic wiring plates with the text over it that says " Reduce Reuse Recycle with AP Professionals Join us during the week of Nov. 14th - 18th for an Electronics Recycling Drive. Items can be dropped off at our Scottsdale Office between the hours of 8AM & 4PM. 4110 N. Scottsdale Rd, Suite #370 Scottsdale AZ 85251 Electronics Recycling

    Electronics Recycling Drive with AP Professionals

    In past 10 years, AP Professionals Electronics Recycling Program has prevented over 2 tons of electronics from hitting our landfills!

    National Recycling Day is coming up on November 15th and we think that together, we can do our part to continue to help the environment!

    AP Professionals is hosting an Electronics Recycling Drive during the week of November 14th – November 18th. During this week we ask that you bring in your old tech items that are broken, dead or unusable to be recycled instead of ending up in the landfill. Tech items that we are accepting include batteries, cords, laptops, tablets, cell phones, tv’s, routers etc. If it’s tech, it can be recycled!  A more detailed list can be viewed by clicking here.

    We kindly ask that if you have anything that is in perfect condition, that you donate it instead!

    We will be recycling everything we collect with a company called Westech Recyclers when the event is over. They are the largest electronics recycler in Arizona! Items can be dropped off at our office front desk.

    We hope to see you face-to-face soon to help our environment!  

    Black background with a white key shape across the middle. AP Professionals logo can be found on the left side in the circular part of the key while in the straight part it says "What is it like to work with AP Professionals" Underneath in highlight & smaller text it says "Blog No. 7" Under that in larger text it says "Check out what out consultants are saying about us!"

    What Is It Like to Work with AP Professionals?

    Check out what our consultants are saying about us!

    Whether this is your first time working with a recruiting agency or your 100th, every agency handles their consultants differently. And believe us when we say, we’ve heard some unfortunate horror stories. At AP Professionals, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, top-notch, personalized services from the moment you connect with one of our recruiters to the moment you offboard with us. Through the processes of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, offboarding and everything in between, we ensure all of our consultants (current & future) are taken care of at every turn. You can count on being paid on time & being signed up for benefits efficiently & quickly. As well as having hands on/one-on-one help & communication from our recruiters. And finally, connecting with real people on the other side of your phone calls!

    You don’t have to take our word for it, below are just a few of our consultant’s reviews!

    “I would like to express my appreciation for all the help that I have received from my recruiter. As well as the rest of the team at AP Professionals. It was your recruitment efforts that brought me to this rewarding experience. I now get to continue with this healthcare provider client as their full time employee. The employee benefits you offer have been outstanding – I really love how AP Professionals supports their employees.” – Brian C.

    “I have had the privilege of two separate assignments from AP Professionals. Each contract was with well-established companies that allowed me to grow within my role during my time at each organization. Many years elapsed between the assignments, but Neil and the entire AP staff remembered me right away and are always so cordial and friendly. Everything from the recruitment process, pay-scale, benefits etc. is top notch! I highly recommend any IT professional seeking advancement of their career to connect with AP Professionals!” – Sean P.

    “I would recommend AP Professionals to other people in my network because you guys were fast at landing me a position, were on top of things when I had questions, and are the only contracting company I have worked with thus far that provides any vacation, holiday, and sick pay to its contractors at all.” – Shelly E.

    “Working with AP and a Fortune 500 global fashion & apparel company was one of, if not the best, engagement I have had in my 14+ years of consulting. Leslie is a great recruiter, and the HR Team has been great support.” – Nathan H.

    “I would highly recommend people to work with AP. Whenever an issue was found, I was informed immediately. Communication with agents was very succinct and transparent, which allowed me to always be aware of my working situation.” – Cyrus R.

    Take it from them, that’s what you can expect from a placement with AP Professionals! Check out our LinkedIn page here to see a few job postings we currently have. Don’t see anything fitting for you? Reach out to one of our recruiters, we have many more positions available!

    A rectangle photo with a lime green background with a white paint swish from bottom left corner to top right corner. The AP Professionals logo sits in the bottom right corner. Black text says "Nailing your next interview" and then the next line smaller under says "blog No. 6" in the middle black text states "Advice from our expert recruiters"

    Nailing Your Next Interview

    Check out these tips & tricks from our own expert recruiters on how to ace your next nerve-racking interview!

    You’ve perfected your resume and you’ve proofread your cover letter (a million times). You’ve found a position that sounds like it would fit your lifestyle & goals perfectly and you’ve landed the interview! But now what? How do you ensure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste? After all, this is the last step standing between you & your future career. A few of our recruiters got together to compile a list of their top tips & tricks that they recommend to all their candidates before sending them off to an interview. Keep these things in mind and you’ll have that job in no time!

    Eric Gleason – Recruiter of 15 years

    “It is important not to forget the S.T.A.R. method but only use this when answering situational based questions. The hiring manager wants to know what actions you specifically took & what were the results of your actions. Be sure to first describe the (S) Situation, describe the (T) Task that needed to be complete, discuss what (A) Approach you took and finally what were the (R) Results?”

    Leslie Pomerleau – Recruiter of 7 years

    “Try to have a concise answer to each question that doesn’t exceed much more than 60 seconds. Being brief is much better than being long-winded. When answering the question, “tell me about one of your weaknesses”, choose a weakness that doesn’t correlate with the job, so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Last, make good eye contact, be calm, and smile–being confident is key (fake it till you make it if you have to!)”

    Neil Tenenbaum – Recruiter of 10 years

    “I’ve learned a lot in my 10 years in the business & have many tips that have helped our candidates land positions year after year!”

    Re-read you own resume – Always make sure to re-read your own resume before interviewing so you refresh what info the interviewer is seeing. Often, they ask questions based off your resume. For example, “At company A I see you used Tableau for reporting, what type of data were your reporting on?”

    Keep in mind what you are interviewing for – Think about the job title you are interviewing for and be ready with specific examples to share about related project work. Be sure to speak to what your responsibilities were, tools you used, etc. as opposed to what the team completed or used.  Do not be general with your answers. For example, if a Project Manager is asked to describe a full SDLC project he or she recently managed, do not reply with “I have managed lots of projects through the full SDLC, there is nothing I have not seen.” Pick one and briefly let them know what you did through each phase.

    Avoid being negative about prior employers – Even if you did not have the best experience. Employers want to know that you are considerate and professional even in difficult scenarios.

    Always answer the question that was asked – It may seem odd but very often with rejections we get feedback that candidates spoke to questions that had not been asked.  If you do not know the answer, it’s ok to say “I have not worked with that specifically” as it can be a door opener to provide similar skills. You can also then ask if those are similar to what the hiring manager is seeking.  For example, “Have you used Agile DevOps for documentation?”. You may answer “No, I have not had the opportunity, but is that similar to Jira? I used Jira to document requirements in my prior position.”  They may then say “Yes, that is similar, and we can help you ramp up on certain tools.”

    Tate Rost – Recruiter of 1 year

    “Throughout my experience as a Sales Development Representative & the knowledge I’ve gained from our team of seasoned recruiters, I always give the following advice to my candidates before interviewing. Be engaged and be sure to ask the hiring team thoughtful questions. Also, make sure to follow up with a thank you note after an interview. An act of kindness can go a long way!”

    Well, there you have it! With combined experience of over 30 years in the business (and that’s only from 4 members of our team), our recruiters have shown time & time again that keeping these things in mind will work in your advantage. You now have all the tools you need to nail this interview. On behalf of AP Professionals, Good Luck!  

    A black background with the words Thank You! written in cursive on a diagonal. Under that in smaller regular text font is says "to all of our IT Professionals Blog No.5" with the AP Professionals black and white logo in the bottom right hand corner

    Thank you, To All Of Our IT Professionals!

    On this National IT Professionals Day, we want to say – thank you!

    With over 200+ placements within the first 2 quarters of the fiscal year, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our hard-working IT Professionals that we have placed so far! All consultants placed across multiple Fortune 500 companies have represented AP Professionals with the utmost respect while putting their all into their new positions. Our IT Professionals hold positions as Project, Product & Program Managers, Data Analysts, Database Developers, Network, System & Security Engineers, Scrum Masters and more.

    Over the course of these last two quarters our consultants have receive multiple personal awards & honors from their placement companies. They have continued to grow their professional skills & networks while being apart of their specific teams. We acknowledge that each consultant has different personal & professional goals – AP Professionals aspires to help them grow whether they find a great fit with one or more of our clients!

    To all of the IT Professionals we have placed so far this year – thank you for your hard-work, your dedication, your professionalism and finally your passion for what you do! We wouldn’t be able to continue our growth & yours without you. We hope you were able to attend our Consultant Appreciation party this past April – if not, we look forward to seeing you next year!

    Photos in a collage of our new office location in Seattle Washington. On the water with sail boats docked in front.

    New Seattle Office Space

    Head out to the water to find AP Professionals new location!

    We are excited to announce that our Seattle Office is officially up and running. With views of the water & sail boats docked right outside, this new office space screams Seattle living. Some of our PNW crew will be working in this office as we continue to build relationships with the community & place professionals within top-rated Fortune 500 companies.

    Although it might rain in Seattle over 150 days out of the year, the future for AP Professionals and our consultants there is bright. Reach out today to connect with our Business Development Manager & Recruiter, Sam King. Sam has been at the forefront of this new office location and would be delighted to talk with you about your next career move in Seattle, Washington.

    Find AP Professionals at the new address below:

    1700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109

    Phone: (206) 829-7718

    A yellow background photo with a white thought bubble in the middle saying "WOW!" in yellow lettering. Top left corner says "Lets Talk" with "Blog No.3" written small underneath. Bottom Left corner has text stating "Job Descriptions" on one like "&" on the next line and "Salary Expectations" on the last line. The black & white AP Professionals logo appears in the bottom right corner. All based on a LinkedIn Poll.

    Let’s Talk!

    Should Salary Ranges Be Included on A Job Description? Let’s talk about it!

    With 330 votes total, our LinkedIn followers have spoken! With a whopping 91% of votes stating that, yes! Salary amounts should be clearly stated on the job description. Only 4% voted that this would not be ideal. While 5% thought that the salary amount should only be listed in certain cases. We believe that every company has their reasons as to why they may or may not want to include the salary range right off the bat. They may want to include it to let applicants know where they stand. But, they may not want to include it in order to protect themselves from being vulnerable to competitors.

    Our poll received some great interaction on LinkedIn while creating organic discovery & conversations around salary listings. You, the candidates, are the most important to us and we strive to provide you with as many details regarding the positions we offer as possible! We want to ensure that the position, team & company are a great fit for you as well as the client we are working with. Check out our current job openings here & on LinkedIn. This poll was created to learn about what you as the candidate need and we sure got our answer!

    Our Analysis

    As we analyzed our survey, we realized that this did a great job of conveying the candidate’s perspective! But, this could be a different story if presented to a large group of business owners. Smaller companies may not want to post salary ranges because they feel they cannot compete with the big businesses of the world. Those smaller companies may have so many other benefits to offer in addition to a great salary!  While larger companies may not want to post salary ranges because they feel as though this would place them in a place of vulnerability. This especially causes concern when they are competing with each other for the same candidates.

    Regardless of the reasons, the applicants seem to want to know what they are working with! What are your thoughts?  

    Follow us on LinkedIn to participate in our weekly polls! Click here to follow us!

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