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AP Professionals Kick-Off Weekend – 2024

As an amazing year comes to an end, we look forward to what lies ahead.

As many choose to celebrate the end of the year with Christmas & reflect on what has happened over 365 days, AP does things a bit differently. Once all of the craziness of the holiday season comes to an end, we get to start the new year with something additional to look forward to. Each year our President hosts a kick-off weekend in our home base city of Scottsdale, Arizona. We all get to gather from around to country to enjoy a weekend of team bonding, golf tournaments & a wonderful dinner event.

This year we were able to gather everyone from Portland, Seattle, Vegas & of course Phoenix to start the 2024 year on a high. Holding this kick-off event at the beginning of the year means everyone can come together, refreshed from holiday time off, and focus on what is going to make 2024 great! We learned lots of lessons in 2023 that we all can take with us but, the past is the past & it is time to get excited for what is to come!

Kick-off weekend started on Friday with a Happy Hour at TopGolf for the team. Everyone was so busy catching up, we forgot to check the leaderboards! TopGolf was just a warmup for those interested in participating in an 18-hole course on Saturday morning. AP ended up with two teams of five each to play against each other at the club. Saturday wrapped up with a wonderful dinner event for the AP team & their guests at a steakhouse & ocean club seafood restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale.

Overall, each year this event is one we all look forward to. Although we all communicate on a daily basis, working from home & in other states keeps us physically apart a majority of the time! So being able to see each other in person, have some laughs & catch up puts us all in a refreshed mindset for the upcoming year. We look forward to what 2024 has to offer!

Check out some photos below from our kick-off!

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What Is It Like to Work with AP Professionals?

Check out what our consultants are saying about us!

Whether this is your first time working with a recruiting agency or your 100th, every agency handles their consultants differently. And believe us when we say, we’ve heard some unfortunate horror stories. At AP Professionals, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, top-notch, personalized services from the moment you connect with one of our recruiters to the moment you offboard with us. Through the processes of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, offboarding and everything in between, we ensure all of our consultants (current & future) are taken care of at every turn. You can count on being paid on time & being signed up for benefits efficiently & quickly. As well as having hands on/one-on-one help & communication from our recruiters. And finally, connecting with real people on the other side of your phone calls!

You don’t have to take our word for it, below are just a few of our consultant’s reviews!

“I would like to express my appreciation for all the help that I have received from my recruiter. As well as the rest of the team at AP Professionals. It was your recruitment efforts that brought me to this rewarding experience. I now get to continue with this healthcare provider client as their full time employee. The employee benefits you offer have been outstanding – I really love how AP Professionals supports their employees.” – Brian C.

“I have had the privilege of two separate assignments from AP Professionals. Each contract was with well-established companies that allowed me to grow within my role during my time at each organization. Many years elapsed between the assignments, but Neil and the entire AP staff remembered me right away and are always so cordial and friendly. Everything from the recruitment process, pay-scale, benefits etc. is top notch! I highly recommend any IT professional seeking advancement of their career to connect with AP Professionals!” – Sean P.

“I would recommend AP Professionals to other people in my network because you guys were fast at landing me a position, were on top of things when I had questions, and are the only contracting company I have worked with thus far that provides any vacation, holiday, and sick pay to its contractors at all.” – Shelly E.

“Working with AP and a Fortune 500 global fashion & apparel company was one of, if not the best, engagement I have had in my 14+ years of consulting. Leslie is a great recruiter, and the HR Team has been great support.” – Nathan H.

“I would highly recommend people to work with AP. Whenever an issue was found, I was informed immediately. Communication with agents was very succinct and transparent, which allowed me to always be aware of my working situation.” – Cyrus R.

Take it from them, that’s what you can expect from a placement with AP Professionals! Check out our LinkedIn page here to see a few job postings we currently have. Don’t see anything fitting for you? Reach out to one of our recruiters, we have many more positions available!

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