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The Results Are In – LinkedIn Polls

Let’s discuss some of the data we have collected recently via our weekly LinkedIn Polls!

Over the past few months, we have been posting weekly poll questions on our LinkedIn Page. These questions covered topics like current technology, resume tips, interview preferences, fun holiday plans, future career goals and more. This time around, we will discuss the results we have received on our tech topic polls in recent weeks.

Weekly polls have been a great way to gage what our LinkedIn audience is interested in. It helps us learn what their thoughts are on new technology initiatives and what they really think about the tech they work with every day.

Q1: Will you be looking for a new role for the new year?

A whapping 58% of those who voted said that, yes, they most definitely are planning to look for a new role in 2023. Whether that is in the same industry & position or not, we can’t confirm. But, it sounds like the majority of voters are not currently happy in their role. AP Professionals is working to change that narrative! Let us help you find a role that fulfills you so that next time around we can get the majority to vote “Happy Where I Am”.

Q2: What makes a techie’s resume stand out in the competitive job market?

This result had a close call for 1st & 2nd place, however, experience in a specific technology ultimately won! Voters believe that the best way to stand out is to gain as much experience as possible in a technology of your choosing. Instead of having general knowledge of all, a deep dive to become an expert in one would be your best bet!

Q3: Which coding language do you prefer for web development?

67% of votes said that JavaScript was the coding language they preferred most. We did think this could be the consensus seeing that this is one of the most popular languages out there. If you are like our voters & enjoy using JavaScript, let us know in the comments below!

Q4: Which is your favorite Data Analysis Tool?

Microsoft Excel took the cake on this one. Excel offers advanced ways of analyzing data without requiring the user to be an expert. As the most used tool out there, Microsoft has made complex data analysis accessible to the everyday worker. 9% of voters noted that other tools were their favorite, they commented to include, Minitab, SQL and Qlik.

Q5: What is the most significant technology that will shape the future of the IT Industry?

Drawing in the most attention with 171 votes, this tech question had a clear winner with 78% of voters thinking that AI will most likely shape the IT Industry going forward. Which brings us to our follow-up question, which type of AI do you think will evolve the most?

Q6: What is your top technology to learn in 2023?

Finally, we learned that a majority of you would like to learn about Cyber Security the most in 2023! We have seen a growing number of companies looking to hire individuals with Cyber Security experience due to the increasing complexity of hackers. As companies grow & develop new systems, hackers are unfortunately quickly catching up!

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February Current Openings

Highlighted below are just a few of the amazing job openings we currently have with Fortune 500 companies!

Our job openings are constantly changing, and we have many more than just the below available for you. Reach out to one of the recruiters below with your resume! Or you can give us a call at our toll-free office number (800) 276-6306. Our goal is to find you a position that suits not only your professional goals but your personal life as well.

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Not sure if AP Professionals will fit into your lifestyle and goals? Check out what others have to say in Blog No. 7 here!

Current Openings

Title: Project Manager (1 Opening)

Type: Contract to Hire

Position: Phoenix, AZ. Hybrid with up to twice per week onsite in downtown Phoenix.  

Description:  To provide Project Management over operational healthcare initiatives for a small/mid-sized healthcare provider organization. Could be asked to help grow or develop project management processes and standards within the organization. Must also have the ability to manage internal/external stakeholders, lead/initiate meetings, manage scope, risk, schedule, and track with typical project management tools.

Top 3 skills:  At least 1+ year of Project Management experience for a healthcare organization, ability to drive projects to completion, willingness to help improve Project Management processes.

Salary:  100k midpoint

Recruiter: Neil Tenenbaum – LinkedIn

Title: IT Service Desk (2 Openings)

Type: Contract

Position: Remote (1st day onsite, then 100% remote, so must reside in Phoenix area)

Description:  1+ year of IT Service Desk or Helpdesk experience is a must.  The use of ticket tools such as ServiceNow, Remedy, etc. is helpful.  Will need to also provide Tier 1 phone and email ticket support for IT issues for a large hospital organization.  Typical hours 7-3:30 AZ time.

Top 3 skills: Excellent customer service attitude, at least one year of IT service desk experience, and reliable/punctual with shifts.

Rate: $20/hr w2.

Recruiter: Neil Tenenbaum – LinkedIn

Title: Senior Tele-Tracking Product Manager (1 Opening)

Type: Contract through 06/2024

Position: 100% Remote – no travel required

Description: The Senior Product Manager works as a liaison between key business stakeholders and the Information Technology (IT) department. Product Managers are also responsible for working with stakeholders to understand their business needs and working with IT partners to evaluate, estimate, plan, and implement solutions that meet the business needs, goals and objectives.

Top 3 skills: Tele-tracking software experience is a must. One must also be organized and have led a team(s), should understand how EMR data can be integrated into other systems. 

Recruiter: Eric Gleason – LinkedIn

Title: Senior Tele-Tracking Business Systems Analyst (1 Opening)

Type: Contract through 06/2024

Position: 100% Remote

Top 3 Skills: You must have Tele tracking experience. Also, must have experience in Epic/Cerner/Meditech EMR system implementation. As well as, this position will be more about documenting requirements, translating requirements and providing testing.

Recruiter: Eric Gleason – LinkedIn

Title: Senior Data Engineer (8 Openings)

Type: W2 Only

Position: 100% Remote

Description: You will be building and delivering scalable data and analytics solutions in Supply Chain- Global Operations and Logistics and Commercial space for a Fortune 100 Global Apparel company. This position will also need to perform analysis, design, development, and configuration functions as well as define technical requirements for intermediate to complex data pipelines. Will also need to participate with a team to perform analysis, assessment and resolution for defects and incidents. 

Top 3 Skills: Must have strong demonstrable skills in two of the following programming languages– Python, Scala or Java.Strong. Also, experience in processing Big Data and analyzing the data using Python, Spark, Databricks, Hadoop, Apache Airflow, Hive & AWS. As well as, strong experience with AWS services like EMR, S3, DynamoDb.

Rate: $55.15/hr

Recruiter: Tate Rost – LinkedIn

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