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Let’s Talk Tech

Learn your tech history by diving into the documentary discussed below as well as some other of our favorites!

General Magic” is a documentary that provides a fascinating look at the rise and fall of the General Magic company. The company was a Silicon Valley startup from the early 1990s. They aimed to create a handheld device that could access email, news, and other online services. While the film doesn’t directly relate to the iPhone, it does offer some insights into the technological innovations that paved the way for the development of the iPhone and other mobile devices.

General Magic was focused on creating a portable device that could access a wide range of online services. This is much like the iPhone and other smartphones do today. The company was ahead of its time in developing technologies such as touchscreens, virtual assistants, and the ability to send and receive emails on a handheld device.

Some of the former General Magic employees featured in the documentary went on to work for Apple and other tech companies. Many of the technologies that they developed at General Magic, helped shape the development of mobile devices like the iPhone.

In many ways, “General Magic” is a reminder of the fact that technological innovation is often the result of a collaborative effort. With many people contributing to the development of a new product or technology, the possibilities seem endless. This documentary also underscores the importance of persistence and resilience in the face of challenges. General Magic faced numerous setbacks before ultimately becoming a failing company.

Overall, “General Magic”, the documentary, provides a compelling look at the history of technology. It also shows the role that companies like General Magic played in paving the way for the development of the mobile devices we know & love today.

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Summer Refresh 2022

Same award-winning tech staffing, same top-rated employment benefits, refreshed look!

Welcome to the AP Professionals that you know & love – with a polished new look. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our future & current, consultants & clients can access job postings, benefit information, staffing solutions and more at ease through our newly refined website.

Looking for your next career opportunity? Head over to our new Now Hiring section where you can find open positions, our technical recruiting expertise categories, employee testimonials and more. We can help you find your next remote, hybrid or in-person role! 

Looking to take your technology-based team to the next level with specialized personnel? Head over to our new For Employers section where you will learn who we are as a company, what our values are and how we will find you top talent across the Southwest, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest regions.

AP Professionals has been building relationships that last a lifetime in Phoenix, AZ and beyond since 1998. Since then, we have gone on to win multiple staffing awards with Fortune 500 companies while consistently being named as a “Best Place to Work” by the Phoenix Business Journal. Placing over 400 consultants in 2021 with many of them using their placement as a steppingstone to become permanent employees with our clients. Let us help you find your next career move or your next star team member.

Website: https://approus.com/

Contact: [email protected] or call us at (480) 947-1441

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/approfessionals/

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